Velo-City Lisboa

In September 2021, I will be representing »Schulterblick – The Cycling School« at the Velo-City conference. Our contribution has been selected – we are very excited to inspire and be inspired!

Kids learn best in real traffic –
Enabling children to develop a cooperative cycling culture!

To be on the road is a huge part of life. We encourage and empower children, instead of scaring and falsly protecting them. We train them to more independence: We inspire the beauty of being able to actively participate in life, to discover their wider surroundings. We lay the groundwork for children at the age of ten to be able to ride to school alone.

We include every child, since the course is always for the whole class. If there are kids who have never cycled before, mostly they will be able to ride after: With five certified trainers for each course we have the humanpower to adress the individual needs of the children and with four hours for each course we have the time to let them develop their riding and communication skills in their pace. Before the course starts, we always ask: “How many of you want to cycle to school?“ – Some raise their hands. After the course we ask the same question again: Now, almost all hands are up in the air!

What started off with a father looking for good cycling education for his son ten years ago is today a didactically highly developed cycling course to adress: mobility education, good communication skills and practice in real life traffic. Up until today »Schulterblick (shoulder check) – The cycling school« has inspired 4.000 kids and won several prizes.

»Schulterblick« master trainers are consultants to the Ministry of Climate Action to ensure the best quality for the train the trainer programme in Austria.

We at »Schulterblick« are an association oriented towards the common good: We invite and encourage, the inspiration comes along the way – from our passion for cycling and our mindset for a cooperative cycling culture. We want to inspire other countries to do the same!

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