stape – important things are at stake

Stape, that is developing, accompanying and networking. With heart and passion: The people, as well as the different aspects – which interweave, to contribute to a lovable city.

Stape, that’s me: Beatrice Stude, urban planner and activist. Often together with partners for inspiration – mutual and interdisciplinary. My fields of works:

I am happy to hear about project ideas or plans that I can support and contribute to – just call me or send me an e-mail:
0664 8310 579

I love the change of perspective, search for it and bring the different approaches to my work – for example perspectives as:

  • Co-founder of the »Munus Foundation – Soil for a good life«
  • engaged citizen in the citizen group »Livable Nordbahnhof«
  • longtime project developer for a commercial property developer
  • longtime activist and board member of the »Cycling Federation Vienna« and »Cycling Federation Austria«

I often accompany plans and projects with articles: Language is a special concern of mine – because language works and creates understanding more easily, gains supporters and reduces resistance when it is authentic.

Stape e.U. – urban consulting was founded in July 2020: From Stape OG – a working partnership that I founded together with Christian Peer in August 2016.