Cycling instructor at »Shoulder View«

“We need more space and children more cycling skills!“ That was my first thought when I raised my head painfully from the asphalt. A boy had spontaneously switched to the opposite lane with his bicycle: I could avoid him – he remained unharmed – but I fell.

My bicycle crash gave the impulse and I asked at »Schulterblick – The Cycling School«: Do you still need cycling instructors? That was in April 2020, in September was the exam: Now I am a certified cycling instructor for children and young people – thanks to the support of »klima:aktiv mobil« / Federal Ministry Climate Action!

Inspiring people and helping them to become more independent is what drives me as a cycling instructor. And, cooperative interaction in traffic radiates throughout life.

I myself like and represent the attitude of »Schulterblick – The Cycling School«. First of all, cycling courses for real life also take place in real life: on the road with moderate traffic and good learning examples! The focus is on togetherness and cooperative behavior, so that everyone is better off in road traffic. And secondly, mobility education takes place directly in the bike course – especially in the courses for elementary school classes, because that is brain-friendly.

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