MILA – participatory supermarket

Long queues in front of the city cinema in the Artists’ House. Many are still hoping to get a seat. The performance is sold out. The energy is palpable: here people are setting out to change something for the better – and they will inspire many of the guests tonight – including me, I became a member that very evening.

Tom Boothe joins us live from Paris. Three years ago, the American parisian-by-choice managed to do what many had failed to do: Bringing the model of the Park Slope Food Coop from New York City to Paris and thus to Europe. The Coopérative La Louve, the she-wolf, opened in 2017 and now has 5,000 members.

Then his film begins, a film about Park Slope and the attempt to give insights into this apparent chaos with an underlying invisible order: 17,000 members who all work together, because they are the owners of the company, their cooperative.

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