Research & Report

Dissemination is an important part of projects: Accompanying reports or invitations to participate support the dissemination of projects and ideas, and it helps to transport the purposes behind them and make them transparent.

Reports and project-accompanying articles, as well as narrated experiences from everyday life, often contain elements of »Storytelling & Framing«.

For 20 years I have been writing about what I am working on, what I am committed to or what happens to me in my everyday life – and researching the topics. Through workshops and continuing education, I have acquired many principles of the craft of writing and research.

With my large diverse network, I can enrich research and projects and help disseminate the findings and results.


2022 | You are the hero here | report for MILA Mitmach Supermarkt
After Paris, the learning journey continues to Lille to SuperQuinquin – the supermarket where you are the hero. There we meet Nicolas Philippe, the manager. He takes time to guide us through the first cooperative supermarket in Lille. …find out more

2021 | Visit the she-wolf | report for MILA Mitmach Supermarkt
In mid-November, we spent a few days at one of our role models for MILA Mitmach Supermarkt. We were at the »Coopérative La Louve« in Paris to experience a cooperative supermarket in operation, to work there and to study it for MILA. We report on what we experienced on site, what we learned and our aha-experiences. …find out more

2020 | Collective forms of ownership | as part of ‘Viennese Housing Projects – Lived Utopias’
Association, cooperative, interwoven Ltd.s or foundation – a variety of collective forms of ownership has emerged in Austria in recent years. Created by committed people who are driven by the same goal: To make land available for communal living and sustainably withdraw it from speculation. …find out more

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