Storytelling & Framing

Language can connect and inspire when it is used in an inclusive and lively way. And, when stories are told, when emotions are conveyed and evoked – instead of just adding facts to each other.

People have always passed on information through storytelling: Facts embedded in anecdotes and figurative language stick in the mind – because they are presented in a way that is suitable for the brain. Because this appeals to our analytical and emotional thought processes at the same time.

Thus, »Strategic Harvesting with Stories« is also a central format of »Art of Hosting«.

From which perspective do I tell the story?

“We open the Zollergasse for you. Come out for a lively, inspiring day. A day where we experiment together how streets feel like living spaces. … “

Excerpt from the programme #Kommraus Forum Public Space

So in 2019, at the #kommraus Forum Public Space, we opened up several streets: We invited people in and temporarily locked out the cars. In doing so, we also invited people to change their perspective. Today, »Opening the street« is being used more and more.

Another example of different perspectives on road traffic is »speed protection« and »speed limit«: people travelling on foot and by bike are better protected if people with cars and trucks drive slower. Car and lorry drivers are restricted to drive slowly. Pedestrians and cyclists, on the other hand, are more protected.

The choice of terms determines which perspective is taken: in which light or in which frame the facts are viewed – how we »frame« them.

“Getting our philosophy and attitude across without making it the focus is one of the aspects we particularly like about the articles to our »10 Years Schulterblick« story – as well as the collaborative process!”

says the Board of »Schulterblick – The Cycling School«

For 20 years I have been writing about what I am working on, what I am committed to or what happens to me in everyday life. Through workshops and continuing education, I have acquired many principles of the craft of writing.

I have been a member of Toastmaster International since January 2017, and in October 2018 I acquired the »Competent Communicator« status with ten successful speaking projects.


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