Ten years »Shoulder view«

This year »Shoulder View – The Cycling School« celebrates its 10th anniversary. I was asked to write their story with and for them: How to learn cycling from an idea – with communication and practice in road traffic as the basis – became a cycling school with three certified master trainers and 15 cycling instructors: What beautiful moments there were, what hurdles were to be taken and what successes were celebrated.

They told me their story in many interviews, I took ideas with me from the jours fixes, checked anecdotes and quotes in dialogue, and asked for quotes from external parties in order to incorporate the external perspective. This resulted in ten stories, one for each year, on the jointly defined main topics: Through commenting and discussing together, it became their story – a retrospective of the past 10 years.

For me it is a good start into the team, which I am part of since the beginning of 2021 – with great insights:

10 Years of Shoulder View – 10 Stories tell …

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